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Bronze Award


Eco Warriors

Burleigh has joined forces with the Woodland Trust and we have recently achieved our Bronze Green Tree Award by reducing the school’s C02 emissions. 

Also, the children listened to a story during assembly called ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ by Jean Giono. This is the story of a man who planted thousands of acorns in the hills of southern France, transforming the area and the lives of the people who lived there. It shows how one person’s actions can make a huge difference, both to the environment and to other people. 

We are now working towards gaining our Silver Green Tree Award. To make this possible, we will be introducing Eco Warriors for the school. Our Eco Warrior team will consist of two children from each class in Years 3 – 6. The team will meet every half term to take part in challenges set by the Woodland trust and activities to look after our school and the environment.


Eco Warriors Update


Thank you to all of the children who took the time to design and create a poster for our Eco Warrior competition. We received over 50 fantastic posters, which made the decision very difficult!

The winners of the competition and our new

Burleigh Eco Warriors are…


Lily (3AR)

Kyion (3HS)

Sonny (4JM)

Justin (4GH)

Adele (5CB)

Kennedy (5HA)

Amy (6RD)

Robyn (6HF)


The winning posters are currently being displayed next to the KS2 hall.