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Foundation Stage Newsletter

Foundation Stage Newsletter

25th May 2018


This week we have been:

- Learning how to double a number

-Learning how to halve a number

- Learning how to cut objects in half

- Writing about how to grow a flower

- Counting in 2s

- Counting in 5s

- Writing short sentences

- Learning about the royal wedding



In order to enhance our assessment for ICT we would like your contribution to find out which technology your child uses at home.

Please use the attached sheet to add pictures to show us what technology your child uses at home e.g. remote controls, tablets, DVD player etc.


Keep practising writing simple sentences and reading as much as you can over the holidays.


RAS Assembly

Well done to all the children in RAS for their assembly. I am sure you will agree that all the children spoke loudly and clearly. Miss Smith and Miss J were very proud.


PE Kits

PE kits have been sent home to have a wash over the half term. Please ensure they are back in school asap when we return.


Dates for next half term

Open Evening – Thursday 12th July

Sports Day – Friday 29th June

Outdoor Area

We are continuing to try and improve our outdoor area. We would really like to paint the fences and really need your help.

Could you spare a Saturday or Sunday? Or even just a few hours?

If this is something you could help us with please speak to Miss Smith,

Mrs Aiton or Mrs Marino.

Thank you




Foundation Stage Newsletter

9th March 2018

This week we have been:

- Subtracting

- Writing subtraction number sentences e.g. 4-1=3

- Writing numbers 0-20

- Learning our new sounds

- Learning about space: names of the planets, what’s in space?

- Writing about what you can see in space

- Creating pictures of the solar system

- Exploring the space station and reading rocket.

- Talking about Mother’s Day

- Writing sentences about our mums.



Parents’ Survey.

If you haven’t already completed the online survey could you please fill out the paper survey and hand it back to the class teacher ASAP. We would really appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts about Reception. Thank you in advance.


Clothing for PE

As it is not compulsory for Reception children to wear a shirt and tie, could we please ask that on PE days children wear polo shirts. This would make changing much easier for both children and staff!

Thank you

RMA – Tuesday

RAS - Thursday


World book day

Thank you to all who dressed up and joined in with world book day. The children enjoyed dressing up and talking about their favourite characters.



Please read as many times as you can at home this week and continue to practise reading and writing your tricky words. I, no, go, to, the, into, he, she, be, me, was, you and my.

Continue to practise writing addition and subtraction number sentences.


Library Visit

Apologies that we had to cancel the library visit last week. It has been rearranged for:

Tuesday 13th March, Same timings apply.

Thank You

Miss Smith, Mrs Aiton and Mrs Marino