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Foundation Stage Newsletter

Foundation Stage Newsletter

1st December 2017


This week we have been:

- Learning about positional language

- Following instructions for positional language e.g. put the teddy under the chair

- Using our sounds to make simple words and beginning to write them

- Practising writing our names

- Writing the letter sounds we have learnt

- We are trying really hard to blend our sounds to read words e.g. c-a-t

- Writing our news



Lines for our Nativity.

If your child has a line to say in the Nativity please practise it so that they know it confidently.


Our Nativity is on:

Friday 8th December 2:30pm KS2 hall.



Reading books and phonics books.

Please make sure reading books and phonics books are in book bags every day.

Tricky words

This week we have been learning the tricky words I, no, go, to, the, into. Please practise learning these at home.



This week's homework is...

Can you read your reading book under somewhere, in somewhere, on top of somewhere, in front of and between something?


Put photos on Tapestry




Thank you

Miss Smith, Mrs Aiton and Mrs Marino