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Foundation Stage Newsletter


1st March 2019



This week we have been:

- Learning about separating a set of objects in different ways

- Writing number sentences e.g. 4+2=6 2+4=6 5+1=6 1+5=6

- Writing our holiday news

- Using our sounds to make simple words and beginning to write them

- Writing the letter sounds we have learnt

- We are trying really hard to blend our sounds to read words e.g. c-a-t

- Practising our handwriting to make it as neat as we can.

- Having a try at writing simple sentences.


What can you find in your house to help practise subtraction e.g. socks, teddies, forks, pencils etc. Line up your object, now take 1 away, how many do you have left. 7 forks take away 1 is 6.

Practise tricky words and sounds just to check you still know them.



Can we please remind you to be aware of hair accessories that your child may wear to school. Coloured hair pieces and large bows etc. are not part of school uniform.

Thank you.

Whipsnade Zoo.

Please can you return your forms as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already.

Moment from home

If you haven’t done so already, please can we have them in as soon as possible.

This is a chance for you to contribute to your child’s learning journal. Please fill the space with pictures of the things you did over half term. You can do some of the writing for your child. However please encourage him/her to write at least one sentence independently.


Fire Station Visit – Friday 8th March

Parent consultations:

Tuesday 12th March 3:30-7pm

Thursday 14th March 3:30-6pm

You can book online from today


Our topic for next half term is growing. During this half term we will be having special visitors for us to watch grow and learn about lifecycles!





Miss Smith, Mrs Marino and Mrs Aiton.