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The Great Fire of London Experience!

On Friday 9th March we were joined by a very special visitor called Ian, who transported us back to 1666 and the time of the Great Fire of London. 

We spent the morning exploring different shops in London and what it might have been like to live in London during this time. We got to try out all sorts of things including weaving, leather works, herb making, bread making, candle dipping and so much more! We also learnt that jobs included collecting the dead and rat catching! We saw how people had to work together to put the fire out by using water from a well. 

In the afternoon, we explored the events of the fire, including how it started, what people did during the fire and how London was changed. We investigated London on a map and followed the path of the fire. 

Finally, we become archaeologists. In groups, we dug and found different artefacts in order to work out what shop our objects were from.  The day was fantastic!

More fantastic photos can be found on the Year 2 page.