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30th June 2017

Where has the time gone?

Popping into Tesco yesterday evening for a pint of milk, I nearly collided with a stand of colourfully displayed cards. At this point, I couldn’t help but notice what they were all about – ‘Thank you teacher’, ‘Best teacher ever’. As I wondered why, it suddenly dawned on me that we were very near to the end of term – only three weeks to go!

The last two Thursdays have seen our youngest children taking the lead in assembly. Banks of proud parents and grandparents arrived armed with mobile phones and I-pads to record their children’s endeavours as they took to the stage and recited their lines for all to hear. Witnessing how our Reception children have clearly progressed since September made everyone (especially their parents) burst with pride. Well done to Reception staff, too, for your dedicated efforts.

Only a few days ago, Year 5 went off to Haileybury School (in the rain!) to experience life in the trenches, along with problem solving activities led by Haileybury staff and students. A week before this, they had gone to the opera in Burleigh School’s hall to see Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ being performed. This experience was the culmination of their topic. Their art work, resulting from this theme, is currently displayed in the KS1 Hall. The opera staff said that the quality of Year 5’s work was definitely the best that they had seen in any school they had visited so far. Once again, a huge ‘Thank you’ to Year 5 staff and children.  Today is our sports day. Good luck to everyone taking part!

Whole School Picnic

To finish off the year together in style, we are going to have a whole school picnic on the field on the last day of term – Friday 21st July at 12.30pm. Children who have school dinners will be given a choice of three different types of packed lunch on this day. Parents who would like to come and join us for this event are very welcome to do so. Pack a few sandwiches to bring with you (and a cake or two for me)! Parents attending this event will be able to take their children home once they have been registered after 1.10pm otherwise school finishes at 2pm.

No Lollipop Lady!

Please be careful everyone when coming to school and crossing Blindmans Lane, as Mrs Jones, our lollipop lady won’t be there to help you safely across the road from Friday 30th June to the end of term. We have sent out leaflets for a temporary replacement, but no-one has come forward yet.

Important dates for Year 6

Leavers’ Party: Friday 14th July 7.00 – 9.30pm

Leavers’ Production: Tues 18th and Wed 19th July in the Junior Hall at 7pm

Leavers’ Assembly: Thurs 20th July at 9.15a.m. in the Junior Hall.


Current Attendance


The class with zero lates was 3MD 


Attendance from 01/09/2016 to date is 95.75%

Children going home early

Occasionally, you may need to take your child out of school early.

This would only be in exceptional circumstances. If your child

needs to leave school early, please notify the school in advance.


Diary Dates

Wednesday 5th July – Year 2 trip to Gulliver’s Land


Friday 7th July – Year 4 Colchester Zoo trip


Thursday 13th July – Open evening 5-6.30pm


Tuesday 18th July – Y6 Production 7pm


Wednesday 19th July – Y6 Production 7pm


Thursday 20th July – Y6 Leavers’ assembly 9.15am


Friday 14th July – Year 6 Leavers’ Party 7pm


Friday 21st July – School finishes at 2pm


Tuesday 5th September – Return to school 8.50am




Writers of the fortnight

Remy Mulraine – 1AA

Susan Qurbanzada – 3HW


Readers of the fortnight

Rudy Budd – RAE

Shalom Adeyi – 5CM


Mathematicians of the fortnight

Kadie Spink – 5CM

Sophie Linger – 2PM