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22nd March 2019

Do Something Different Day - Friday 21st June 2019

After the success of last year’s ‘Do Something Different Day’, we have decided to repeat the experience this year!  For all those parents who are new to the school, this is a very special day in Burleigh’s calendar when children and parents are allowed one day off school to quite literally ‘do something different’.  Last year saw parents combining in groups or doing something as a family to give their child a one off experience to enrich their understanding of the world.  This took many different forms: some parents took their child to work, climbed trees and made dens in Lee Valley, camped out in the garden, visited a museum, tried a new craft or sport; or visited the Law Courts in London.  One family even went to France for the day! 

We do appreciate that not all parents may be in a position to do something like this.  Therefore, the school will also provide some ‘do something different day’ activities.  More information on this subject will be given at the start of next term, but, in the meantime, if you would like to begin planning your day, you have plenty of time to do so.  Personally, I can’t wait to hear about what everyone gets up to!      


Family News

Miss Wilson, the school’s assistant head and Year 6 teacher, has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sophia.  Both mum and daughter are doing very well.   

FABS: Mrs Bamford is stepping down at the end of this year as the leader of FABS.  She was delighted to see so many new volunteers at the last meeting, and is very keen for the work to continue.  The school would like to thank her for her tremendous contribution to FABS over the years.  FABS are planning a summer fete, so if you would like to help, please give your name to the school office.


Charity Work

The last week of term (1st – 5th April) will be designated ‘Charity Week’ at Burleigh School.  Instead of the school supporting one local charity, the children in each year group will choose a charity of their choice.  This will allow them to have more ownership of the process, and enable them to decide how they want to raise money, and select who it should go to.  The children have just started discussing their fund raising activities in circle time this week. 

More information on this subject will be given next week in a letter outlining what each year group has decided to do. smiley

A quick reminder that next Friday is a non-uniform day to support Ms Ockenden and Mrs Dell in their fund raising efforts in the run up to the London Marathon.


Leaving school early

If your child has to leave school before the end of the school day to attend a doctor’s or hospital appointment, please show a member of the office staff your appointment card when collecting your child.  This will enable the office to authorise their absence. 



Our attendance at the moment is: 95.6%. 

This time last year it was: 94.9%

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Diary Dates

  • 27th March – 5GH Class Assembly
  • Year 2 History Workshop
  •  3rd April – 3DS Class Assembly
  • 3rd April – Year 4 Tudor Day
  • 17th May – Year 1 Paradise Wildlife Park
  • 20th May – 24th May Year 6 Isle of Wight
  • 21st May – Reception Trip to Whipsnade Zoo
  • 18th June – Reception dental talk
  • 20th June – Year 3 Trip to Tring Museum
  •  21st June – Do something different day


Assembly Dates

  • 27th March – 5GH Assembly
  • 3rd April – 3DS Assembly
  • 2nd May – 1MT Assembly
  • 8th May – 3JE Assembly
  • 16th May – RMA Assembly
  • 23rd May – RAS Assembly


Writers of the Week

Ardil 2DL

Martin 4RH


Readers of the Week

Sammy 1MT

Lawin 5GH


Mathematicians of the Week

Grace 2AH

Charlie 5GH



Working together for the good of the children