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18th December 2017

Happy Christmas!

It was great to see so many of you at last week’s concerts and events. The way was led admirably by Reception, who, for the very first time, put on a mini production all of their own. We were all in awe of the way in which they recited their lines so unselfconsciously, remembering where to stand and what to sing! Equally good was the KS1 Christmas production which lasted best part of an hour – it’s hard to believe that most of these children are still only 5 or 6 years old. This extravaganza was produced from start to finish within three weeks (and mainly during afternoon sessions only). Once again, the standard of singing and acting was very high, with children, who are often quite shy in class, saying their lines clearly and loudly. Last Wednesday saw some carol singers from Year 6 entertaining the crowds at the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Waltham Cross. This acted as a good warm up for the Junior Christingle Carol Concert in St Mary’s Church the very next day. A huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone involved in these events, whether through directing, training, making costumes, helping with props or the learning of lines. At a time when such events are so often marginalised, it is good to change the dynamic of school life and broaden children’s experiences. Thought for Christmas: a couple of years ago, a post on Facebook said: ‘Show your child how much you love them this Christmas: halve the amount of money you spend on them, and double the amount of time you give to them.’ Quite a challenge!

As always, thank you for your support for the school this term – it is very much appreciated. However you decide to spend the time this Christmas, I hope you enjoy it and come back refreshed in the New Year. Merry Christmas to you all from everyone at Burleigh.


Year 6 Shakespeare Workshop - Macbeth

A couple of weeks ago, Year 6 were treated to a two-day workshop on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Anthony Glenn, a professional actor, carried out a series of workshops which culminated in an assembly to parents. This event was greatly enjoyed by all.


Non-Uniform Day

Following on from our memorial service for Miss Davison, our non-uniform day raised a magnificent £433.77 for research into diabulimia. Miss Davison’s parents said that they have been overwhelmed by the way in which the school has responded to their very difficult situation. On a similar note, the cake sale for Children in Need raised an astonishing £1521.50. Thank you for your generosity.


Parent Questionnaire

Thank you to all those parents who took the time to complete our online questionnaire. We will share the results of this with you in the New Year.


Teachers2parents (T2P) App

If you have chosen to download the T2P app, you will no longer receive text messages from the school, but will receive information via the app instead.



Current Whole School Attendance

Attendance from September to December 2017: 95.25%

Attendance from September to December 2016: 95.84%

Well done to the 108 children who have 100% attendance for the year so far.


Children going home early

Occasionally, you may need to take your child out of school early.  This would only be in exceptional circumstances. If your child needs to leave school early, please notify the school in advance.


Diary Dates

(NB Whenever the school has a non-uniform day, all children are welcome to wear their own clothes, whether or not they choose to donate to charity.)


18 Jan – 1MT Class assembly

24 Jan – 4GH Class assembly

30 Jan – Reception parents’ consultations

31 Jan – 2AH Class assembly

1 Feb – Reception parents’ consultations

8 Feb – 5CB Class assembly

27 Feb –Parents’ consultations 1AA,2PM,3HS,3AR,4GH,4JM

28 Feb –Parents’ consultations 1MT,2AH,5CB,5HA,6HF,6RD

1 Mar - 2PM Class assembly

1 Mar – Evening parents’ consultations Years 1-6

8 Mar – 1AA Class assembly

14 Mar – 4JM Class assembly

21 Mar – 5HA Class assembly

28 Mar – 3HS Class assembly



Writers of the fortnight


Dila Tas 2AH

Laila Marcou 2PM

Aleyna Dag 3AR

Rahul Pujari 3HS

Readers of the fortnight



Hughie Budd 2PM

Mykolai Tkachuk 1AA

Jacob Burrell 5JC

Ben Sharples 5CB

Mathematicians of the fortnight



Amelia Sams 2AH

Daniela Iwagwu 5CB

Harry Hartrop 3HS

Scarlet Wood-Ersoy 1MT

Working together for the good of the children