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25th May 2018


'Do Something Different' Day

As a school that would like to move from Good to Outstanding, we are constantly trying to think of experiences that would enrich the children’s education and lives. With this in mind, we would like to designate Friday 22nd June as ‘Do Something Different’ day. This will involve giving parents the opportunity to take their children out of school for the day and, quite literally, ‘do something different’ with them. As weekends are so often taken up with family commitments or work, there is sometimes very little time to just be with your children and experience something together just for the fun of it. Ideas could include: taking your child to work; climbing trees and making dens in Lee Valley; camping out in the garden; visiting a museum; trying a new craft activity or sport (see Lee Valley’s website for ideas); or one of your own suggestions.

Of course, we do understand that some parents may not be in a position to do this, so we will provide a range of ‘Do something different’ activities in school on that day. To give us an idea of how many children might be out of school on 22nd June, we will send out a permission slip shortly after we come back from half term. As those children not in school will be doing something educational for the day, this will not affect their attendance figures. Attached to this newsletter are two lists of free or cheap educational activities that you might like to try. Some parents may also like to link up with other parents and do something together. It’s entirely up to you. If you have great ideas which are not on the attached sheets, let us know and we’ll print them in the next newsletter. Many thanks. Have a great half term! smiley

Parent Governor needed

Two parents have expressed an interest in becoming school governors.  If there is anyone else, please let Mr Norman know as soon as possible.

Year 6

Year 6 have had a great week on the Isle of Wight.  Videos and photos of their exploits are on our school website.  I’d like to thank Miss Maxwell, Miss Fowler, Mrs Davies, Mrs Houchin and Mrs Shelford for giving up their time to organise and supervise the trip.  All deserve a well-earned rest over half term.  THANK YOU.

New School Uniform

We will all be wearing our new school jumpers from September, available from , and our new ties from the October half term. M&S will be including our uniform in their 20% off offer running from the 5th June to the 3rd July, so this is an ideal time to order what you need.

Over the summer there will be a large demand for uniform so we encourage you to order early to ensure that it can be delivered in good time, ideally before the end of July.

There are some leaflets available about the uniform service in reception for further information.


Working together for the good of the children








Free or minimal cost activities for Do Something Different’ day.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and, should anyone else have great ideas, please let us know and we will post them in future newsletters.


Scott Polar Museum Cambridge


Petrol to Cambridge and £4 park and ride

Taste your way around the world at Borough Market


Cost of transport into London

Stand either side of a timeline at Greenwich


Cost of transport into London

Climb trees and make dens in Lee Valley



Camp out in the garden for the day



Toast marshmallows on a bonfire



Try a new sport


Dependent on choices

Take your child to work (depending on your job, of course)



Walk across the wobbly bridge and visit the Tate Modern


Transport into London

Discover what the Romans left behind at St Albans


Travel to St Albans

Use a map to find the Ice House in Oakwood Park



Take a long countryside walk in Lee Valley



Climb to the top of The Monument that remembers the Great Fire of London


Transport to London, £4.50 adult ticket, £2.30 child ticket for the Monument

Go to the seaside



Help out at a charity



London’s Free Museums



Come face-to-face with a roaring T-Rex / experience the earthquake simulator at the Natural History Museum.


Cost of transport into London

Explore the fascinating history of England's capital at the Museum of London.


Cost of transport into London

Hold a genuine bar of gold at the Bank of England Museum.


Cost of transport into London

Be inspired by the beautiful objects on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


Cost of transport into London

Learn about the history of the River Thames at Museum of London Docklands


Cost of transport into London

Head to Greenwich to swing by the Queen's House and the National Maritime Museum.


Cost of transport into London

Discover the life and works of one of Britain’s most inspiring designers at the William Morris Gallery.


Cost of transport into London










Suggested Ideas for Do Something Different Day