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School Council

The school council is an elected group of children who represent their class at regular meetings, discussing a wide range of school issues. The school council is valued by the children as it gives them the opportunity to be involved in decisions about their school, and allows them to make suggestions and voice their opinion about issues that concern them.
Year 6


Year 6 Shyanne Secretary
Year 6 Noah Treasurer
Year 6 Olivia  
Year 5 Shalom Vice Treasurer
Year 5 Oliver  
Year 5 Robyn  
Year 5 Ryan  
Year 4 Daniela & Logan  
Year 4 Heather & Miller  
Year 3 Maddie & Jay  
Year 3 Chloe & Freddie  


10 February 2017

Congratulations to Joshua on becoming Chair, Shyanne on her role as Secretary, and Noah  on his position as Treasurer.


The School Council went on to discuss ways that we could improve our playtimes/lunchtimes both outside and inside. Lots of amazing ideas were put forward and they felt it would be good to gather more suggestions from their classes. The results will be put forward and discussed further at the next meeting.


The possibility of us having a mosaic as a welcome sign in our main entrance was also discussed. (SH will look into this) Possible fund raising ideas were then considered.