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Foundation Stage Newsletter


25th October 2019



This week we have been:

-  Discussing positional language: on, under, next to, in front and behind

- Recognising and practising writing our names

- Learning the sounds ck, e, u, r

- Finding out about Usain Bolt for Black History Week

- Looking at our baby photos and trying to guess who they are

 Important Dates

Library Visit:

Tuesday 5th November


Parent consultations:

Tuesday 19th November 3:30pm-7pm


Wednesday 20th November 3:30-6pm


Share your child’s Learning Journal:

Friday 6th December 2:30pm


Christmas Fair:

Friday 6th December 3:30pm


Nativity Play:

Thursday 19th December 2:30pm


Reading books.

This week you have a reading record and a reading book to enjoy over half term. Please spend 10minutes daily hearing your child read and talking about the story.

Remember to ask questions – please refer to the sheets you were given following the reading meeting and the book mark in your child’s book for examples. There is also the characters names for you to start having a look at and becoming familiar with as these will appear in some of your child’s reading books.


Keep practising your sounds and making words with the flashcards to help with blending.

Please make sure that your child’s phonics wallet is in their book bag every day. We need these to add in the new sounds.


Tricky Words

You will also find tricky words in the phonics wallet. These cannot be sounded out and need to be learnt by sight. Please practise these as often as you can.


Moment from home.

This is a chance for you to add to your child’s learning journal. Please add pictures of your half term and write what you have been up to.


This week's homework is..............

  • Complete ‘Moment from Home’ sheet
  • Reading daily
  • Tricky word practise
    Please hand this back to your teacher by Friday 8th November
    Have a lovely half term.


Thank you


Miss Smith, Mrs Marino and Mrs Aiton.