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14th February 2020


When we come back from half term, our Infant children will be able to step into a magical masterpiece where imaginations can be set free and dreams become a reality…

Many of you may have noticed a magnificent sculpture just the other side of the Infant fence before you arrive at the Year 1 classrooms.  Mrs Dell and Miss Harvey have worked tirelessly with an international artist, Ian Freemantle, to provide an awe-inspiring sculpture for our KS1 playground.  We intend to officially open the sculpted reading area in March, but will be allowing children to use it from after half term.  I would like to thank the teachers involved in this project for their commitment and enthusiasm to make Burleigh an even better place.


Science Week: This week has seen the school focusing on science.  As subject leader, Miss Fox has led the way, supporting teachers with their planning and ideas.  Take a look at some of the things we got up to:


Internet safety: On Monday, the Y6 children and CHEXS delivered a brilliant assembly to raise awareness of safer internet use.  Please check out the following link:

NB This was only shown to Years 5 and 6, but worth discussing with your children if you feel it is appropriate.

24th January 2020

‘When I were a lad…’


… phones hadn’t been invented!  Therefore, when you left school at 3.30pm and said ‘Good-bye’ to your friends, that was it until the next day.  Things are much more complicated now.  Children of all ages often have phones; and, of course, if they are used correctly, there’s no problem.  However, from time to time, this is not the case.  Thank you to all those parents who are completely on top of their child’s mobile phone usage and carefully monitor their texts and messages to other pupils.  To support parents better in this very challenging area of online safety, we have a helpful page on our school website.  Please take some time to have a look at it.  The following link will take you straight there: The parents’ guides to ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Snapchat’ are particularly useful.  It’s no accident that since May 2018, the minimum age for legally using ‘WhatsApp’ has been raised to 16. 

A date for your diary: On Monday 10th February 2020, some children from Years 5 and 6 will be opening a special ‘Safer Internet’ assembly delivered by CHEXS.  This event is for all Junior parents.  Please make every effort to attend; you are warmly invited.

Read all about it!

Have you noticed the new telephone box in the main entrance?  We have created a

brand-new free book swap area to encourage even more children to read for pleasure. 

There are two ways to use the telephone box: 1) Families can either choose a book

together, share it at home and then return it so that other families can enjoy it too, or,

2) Bring in a good quality, second hand book to leave in the telephone box and swap it

for a book you have yet to enjoy.  It couldn’t be easier – happy reading!

Inside Out Day

Thursday 6th February is ‘Inside Out Day’.  All you have to do is to come to school on that day wearing a piece of clothing ‘inside out’.  This is to help everyone stop and think about how someone else is feeling.  As the slogan for the campaign says, ‘Always be kind, as you don’t know how your friend is feeling on the inside.’

Football News

On Monday 20th January, Burleigh footballers took part in the prestigious ‘Premier League Primary Stars Football Tournament’ at the New River Sports Centre.  Burleigh participated against the best teams in Haringey.  Even though we were undefeated, we drew one game more than the overall winning team.  People were overheard saying how well Burleigh did.  Congratulations to all those who participated.

Thursday 19th December 2019

'Tis the season to be jolly!

Colourful costumes, tinsel, singing, dancing, frantic TAs and teachers trying to put together Christmas shows on time……….  Well, judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces as the final bow was taken, we did it!  Congratulations to all the children who participated so magnificently in our KS2 Christingle, our KS1 Christmas extravaganza and our Reception nativity this year.  I know that, as parents, you greatly appreciate the efforts of all staff to give the children as wide a variety of experiences as possible: a wonderful example of everyone Working together for the good of the children!

Wonderful TAs: Tomorrow sees the end of an era, in that we say a fond farewell to three TAs who have served the Burleigh School community magnificently over the years – Mrs Sue Shelford (joined in 1999!!), Mrs Sharon Hook (2007) and Mrs Sally Bird (2009).  All have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into school life, covering a wide range of roles from 1:1 support, class TA, medical duties, supporting school trips and journeys, concerts etc……….the list is too long!  We wish them all the very best for their future happiness and thank them for all their hard work. 

Uniform: This has improved greatly over the course of the term, with nearly all pupils now meeting the school’s expectations.  It would be greatly appreciated if from January onwards, all those children choosing to have long hair would come to school with it tied back or held in place by a sensible, discreet hair band – no unicorn horns please.  Also, if choosing to wear earrings, please ensure they are small stud ones only.

Sport: Burleigh football team continues to go from strength to strength as we participate in more and more prestigious competitions – the last one being for the best teams across all of North London in the EFL’s Kids Cup tournament run by Leighton Orient FC.  Thanks go to Mr Hau for the dedicated time and effort he puts into training the team and continually setting high expectations.  All those participating in the team know that footballing talent has to be coupled with a diligent attitude towards schoolwork and good behaviour to keep a place in the squad.

Governors: The unsung heroes of the school, quietly beavering away in the background, supporting the strategic direction of the school and ensuring all managerial aspects are fit for purpose.  If you would like to join this dedicated team, there is still a space or two available.  Please see either myself (Mr Norman) or Andy Pereira (Chair of Governors) if you think you could contribute to the school community in this way.

End of term: School finishes at 2pm tomorrow, and starts again for children on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

Parking: It really isn’t easy at the start and end of the school day on Blindmans Lane.  Understandably, our neighbours are very patient and can cope with people occasionally parking across their driveways – though of course, they would prefer this not to happen at all.  However, a very small minority of people are dropping their children off at school and then chatting for quite some time to their friends.  Please be mindful of our neighbours in future.  Many thanks.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a very happy New Year!

Friday 25th October 2019

What a Week!

Black History Week: Wow!  What a week!  On Tuesday, all children experienced a West African Sinte dance workshop, with Key Stage 1 pupils participating in Sinte drumming too.  It was good to hear so much laughter and excitement coming from both school halls.  Our English and topic work were also based on the various Black History themes we explored.  These included: success and achievement (Reception and Year 1); immigration and culture (Year 2); discrimination and perseverance in sport (Year 3); doing the right thing even when it’s hard (Year 4); discrimination and perseverance in politics (Year 5); and, success and achievement in science (Year 6).  I’m sure your children have been talking about the week at home.  A special ‘thank you’ to Miss Atakora (our History subject leader) for planning the week so carefully.

Year 5 Kingswood Assembly: Year 5 children produced a thrilling assembly Wednesday morning in which they shared their experiences of their recent trip to Kingswood.  As a result of the trip, all the children visibly grew and become much more independent.  Again, special thanks go to Miss Maxwell, Miss Fox, Mrs Shelford and Mr Hau for organising and leading the journey.

Uniform: Thank you to FABS for organising the uniform sale Wednesday night after school.  All children are expected to return to school after the half term holiday in correct winter uniform.  If you are unsure as to what this looks like, please go to the Burleigh page on the M&S website at

Parents’ Book Look: In response to the Parents’ Strengths and Weaknesses Evening, this week saw teachers open their classroom doors at the end of the school day to give parents an opportunity to look at their child’s work in an unhurried environment.  Several parents commented on how beneficial they had found the whole process, and how they now knew which areas to support their child in.  Parents’ consultations are still being held at the start of next half term in addition to this.

Football Results: On Wednesday, Burleigh took part in the ESFA Football Tournament, and finished as runners up, losing in a nail-biting penalty shootout (3-2) to Goffs Oak Primary.  The children were fantastic ambassadors for the school and showed great sportsmanship throughout the competition.  Well done to all the players who took part, with a special ‘thank you’ to Mr Hau for organising the event.  We eagerly await the next football venture! Thank you to all the parents who helped transport their children. Onwards and upwards!

Friday 4th October 2019

Response to our Strengths and Weaknesses Evening


Working together for the good of the children

On Thursday 26th September, twenty-0ne parents and a few senior staff met to discuss the school’s strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone had an opinion; everyone was heard.  After much debate, the top three priorities for each category came out as:


Quality of teaching

Nurturing environment in Reception

‘Meet and greet’ at the school gates.

Areas for development: 

More regular updates on children’s progress

Communication – lack of consistency, more notice of dates

Homework – too much, not set for different abilities

Senior staff found hearing these views very helpful, and discussed them in more detail at our weekly Senior Leadership Team meeting on Tuesday 1st October.  Whilst we are not able to implement all ideas immediately, several changes in response to what was discussed will take place. 

These will include:

A different homework system based more on English and Maths.  This will allow parents to keep in touch with what has recently been taught in class, and better support their child.  We aim to start this new system from half term onwards.  Children in Years 1 to 3 will have either a piece of English or maths to complete each week.  Children in Years 4 and 5 will be given a piece of English and maths every week.  Year 6’s homework system – English, maths and science - will continue as before. 

More regular updates on children’s progress.  Once a half term, parents will be given the opportunity to come into school and look at their child’s books from 3.20-3.40pm.  These meetings will be in addition to the termly parents’ consultations.  Our first ‘book look’ will take place in the week commencing 21st October: Monday - Reception & Year 2; Tuesday - Year 1, Year 3 & Year 5; Thursday - Year 4 & Year 6.  Parents are also very welcome to make appointments to see the class teacher via the school office.  

More notice of important dates.  We are able to tell you now that in 2020, ‘Do something different day’ will be held on Friday 19th June and Sports Day will be on Friday 3rd July (Juniors a.m. and Infants pm).  This will give parents more time to prepare for these events and book a day off work in advance.  All notable dates are also on the school website.  

More information about the rewards system in school.  Parents wanted clarity on awards such as the Rainbow and Planet certificates, along with the Headteacher’s weekly award:  ‘Hot Chocolate with the Head’.  Information about these has been added as a news item to the school website.

Once again, a huge ‘Thank you’ to all those who were able to attend the evening and share their views on school life.  


Monday 9th September 2019

Welcome back everyone!  It was good to see so many smiling faces at the gate on Wednesday morning!  People seem to have had an enjoyable summer holiday and are ready for a term of work and fun.  I did hear the comment, ‘It went so quickly,’ several times!  As a staff, we were in school on Monday and Tuesday thinking about ways in which to make our teaching as good as it possibly can be for the children of Burleigh.  Just like last term, there will also be a range of after school clubs on offer – lists will be coming out next week to enable clubs to begin the week commencing 16th September.  As always, we will be having our annual ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on Wednesday 18th September when parents have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and hear about the curriculum and events planned for the coming year.  Do come along if you can.