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Welcome to Reception!
Autumn 1
Autumn 1 is about settling into the classroom routines, learning boundaries and expectations. The children learn how to access the classroom and resources independently.  We are focusing on strengthening their finger muscles ready for writing through fine motor skills activities. The children are introduced to phonics, learning letter names and the sounds they make. In maths, we will focus on counting and recognising numbers to 10.

Autumn 2
During Autumn 2, we will be starting to segment and blend our sounds for reading. We will be learning to form letters correctly. We will continue to develop an understanding of the value of number and explore shape and measure. We will find out about different celebration and we have a  Christmas nativity to prepare for which will include lots of songs and actions.


Spring 1
During Spring 1, we are continuing to develop our segmenting and blending skills for reading.  We will be working hard to form our letters using the cursive script. In maths, we will be finding 1 more and 1 less than a given number and will move onto simple addition. Our topic for this half term is Traditional Tales. We will be focusing on one story per week.


Spring 2

During Spring 2, we are continuing to develop our segmenting and blending skills for reading. We will be moving onto reading more complex words and tricky words. We will begin to learn how to a write simple sentence. In maths, we will explore partitioning, subtraction and money.  Our topic this half term is Space, we will also be thinking about the celebrations of Chinese New Year and Easter.


Summer 1

During Summer 1, we are continuing to develop our segmenting and blending skills for reading and writing. We will be learning our key words and tricky words.  We will be making simple sentences, focusing on using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.  In maths, we will be exploring time, weight and capacity and doubling and halving of numbers.  Our topic is Minibeasts, we will be finding out about different minibeasts and their lifecycles. We will be visiting Whipsnade Zoo to find out about different animals.


Learning happens everywhere!
 If your child has done something that you would like to share,
please share it on tapestry. 

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