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Welcome to Reception!
Autumn 1
 Autumn 1 term is about settling in to the classroom routines. The children are shown how to use the classroom and how to be independent. This happens right from the moment they walk through the door as they are encouraged to put away their own coats and lunches. They then settle down for some fun activities that are designed to strengthen their finger muscles. The children are introduced to letters and sounds and that all words are made up of these letters and sounds. They then start to learn some of the common sounds of the alphabet.

Autumn 2

During Autumn 2, there are many celebrations to think about. We will be starting to read and form words. We begin to develop an understanding of the value of number. We also have a Christmas concert to prepare for.

Spring 1
During Spring 1, we read
 Fairy Tales and look at different stories and how they are structured. During the term we have a WOW day dedicated to fairy tales and the children enjoyed dressing up as a book character. We also begin to add numbers and find how many altogether.  

Spring 2
During Spring 2 we find out about people who help us. We visit the fire station and hope to receive visits from others who help us. We will ask them questions and practice asking and answering questions.

Learning happens everywhere!
 If your child has done something that you feel is worth sharing then please share it on tapestry. 


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