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Year 3

  Welcome to Year 3! 



Spring Term 2018 

We have another exciting term planned for Year 3. In English we will begin learning about Instructions. We will also be studying Haiku, Tanka and Limericks after half term. Our Geography Topic will cover features of the UK, including mountains, rivers, major cities and land use. In the second half of the term our topic will be studying ‘Revolutionary Romans’ researching ancient Romans beliefs, leisure and life style. 


All Year 3 children will be learning French once a week alongside PSHE and RE.


Please continue to help your child learn their times tables by testing them regularly. You could turn it into a game by randomly firing questions at them in the car, in the shopping queue or walking along the road. Plenty of practice is the key to learning and remembering times tables. This will also help your child with working towards getting their next Turbo Table certificate! 



We hope you are looking forward to the new term as much as we are. Please feel free to come and talk to us at any time if you have any questions, worries or concerns.



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