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Year 3

  Welcome to Year 3! 


Welcome to Year Three. We have an exciting year ahead!


This term we will be covering a number of subjects. In science, we will be learning about 'Forces and Magnets' and later in the term we will be exploring 'Light'.


Our history topic will be Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain. We will find out many interesting facts and will compare the differences between these periods and modern day Britain.


In English, we will be writing stories with familiar settings, focusing in 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne.  In the second half of the term we will be writing non-chronological reports based on animals.


In maths we will be learning about number facts and place value which will lead us onto addition and subtraction later in the term.


The children will continue their weekly swimming lessons at the Laura Trott Sports Centre for the whole of this term.  This will be in addition to their usual P.E sessions in school.


We are sure the children will settle quickly into Year 3 and enjoy the many new experiences the Juniors will offer.


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

Information for Parents

Year 3 Home Learning Choice Chart

Please complete at least  six  activities from this choice chart by Wednesday 18th October 2017, that is at least one piece each week ( English, Maths or Topic) Tick it off and hand it in on Wednesday. Please ensure that the learning produced is of a high standard and remember to be as creative as you like when presenting your work!                                  

This homework is in addition to daily reading, spelling practice and times table revision.



Look at a calendar. Find out how many days there are in a week, in each month, in a year. How many weeks are in a year? Write the answers in full sentences. How many months are there in a year? Name them.

Digits & Words


Write numbers to twenty in digits and words. Can you write all the tens numbers (ending in 0) in words. Write all the 'teen' numbers.

e.g. thirteen, fourteen

Three times table

Cut out ten triangles and stick them in your homework book. Count each side and label them. 3,6,9, etc. Then write out the three times table using the numbers you have written. e.g. 1x3 =3, 2x3=6


The answer

is 20!

Write as many questions or sums as you can for which the answer is 20. Use addition and subtraction.

We have a problem!


How many different three digit numbers can you make from the following numbers:


Tick once complete







Dear Diary!

Write a diary entry about one day you enjoyed during the holidays. It can be based on a real-life or you could make one up.

Picture, Picture

Choose an interesting picture from a book and write five sentences using adjectives and conjunctions to describe the picture.

Dictionary Skills!

Find 5 words in your reading book that are new to you. Use a dictionary to find out what the words mean and put them into sentences of your own.

  Say what?

Write a short conversation between two people, using capital letters, full stops and inverted commas.

Where are you?

Write a detailed description of a setting where a story could take place, e.g. a haunted castle, a scary wood.

Tick once complete








'Ancient Civilizations'


We are thinking forces and magnets this half term. Look around your house to find different objects that are magnetic.

Draw and label them.


Can you draw objects that you might push or pull to make them move. Label your drawings.


Find out six facts about Stone Age Britain. Write in full sentences. You could begin your sentences with ‘Did you know.............

Time travellers!

Imagine that you have been whisked back in time to Stone Age Britain.. You have been allowed to take one person or one object from 2017. What or who would you take? Explain your choice.

  Research it!

What type of clothes did the people of Stone Age Britain wear? What were they made from? Research, draw and label your findings.

Tick once complete