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Year 3

  Welcome to Year 3! 


Welcome to Year Three! The school year is passing very quickly and we are just about to begin our last half term in Year 3. So far in the Summer Term, we have been learning about Myths and Legends where we wrote our own Myth. We have also been researching and investigating Rocks in Science and have found out about their properties and their uses.


Next half term we are going to be looking at Recounts and we will be writing our own newspaper articles by retelling the main events in chronological order. Our topic is 'Life's a Stage' and we will be researching different theatres and comparing them. We will also be doing some drama in English and making our own Greek masks.


In Maths we will be learning about fractions, as well as focusing on Geometry by looking at the properties of shapes and also positioning. Animals, including humans, is our topic in Science this coming half term and we will be finding out about nutrition and healthy living. We are looking forward to a great end to the school year and can't wait to show you everything we have done this year at our Open Evening at the end of term.


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Information for Parents

Year 3 Home Learning Choice Chart

Please complete at least  six  activities from this choice chart by Wednesday 13th December 2016, that is at least one piece each week ( English, Maths or Topic) Tick it off and hand it in on Wednesday. Please ensure that the learning produced is of a high standard and remember to be as creative as you like when presenting your work!                                  

This homework is in addition to daily reading, spelling practice and times table revision.


Dates, Dates, Dates

How many different sums can you make with the numbers from your birthday date? For example. 12.6.2006.

1+2=3, 1x2=2 etc. Then take another birthday date(mums ,dads, brothers or sisters) and do the same.


Write out all the number bonds to 10, then write out all the bonds to 100,in multiples of 10, then write out bonds to 1000, in multiples of 100

eg.1+9=10, and 10+90=100 and 100+900=1000etc.

Four times table

Cut out ten squares and stick them in your homework book. Count and label each side.1,2,3,4,

5, 6, 7, 8.Then write out the four times table using the numbers you have written. e.g. 1x4 =4, 2x4=8.


The answer is 20!

Write as many questions or sums as you can for which the answer is 50. Use addition and subtraction.

We have a problem!

Can you write 5 word problems, using addition or subtraction sums, for example:

I went to the shops and  I bought a toy for 45p and a sweet for 20p. How much did I spend?

45p+20p= 65p. Write the question and the answer.

Tick once complete







 Verbs and adverbs!

Write six sentences using a verb and adverb each time. Example. Sarah jumped carefully over the puddle.

Picture, Picture

Choose an interesting picture from a book and write five sentences using adjectives and conjunctions to describe the picture.

Words, Words, Words!

Find 5 words in your reading book that are new to you. Use a thesaurus to find words that mean the same.

  Say what?

Write down twenty compound words that you know. for example;

Cupboard= cup    board.

Your Book

Write a paragraph about the setting in your reading book. Describe where the story takes place. How do you know?

Tick once complete










We are thinking about light this half term. write six facts that you know about 'Light'.

What about the Sun?

What do you know about the sun? Find out as many interesting facts as you can about the sun.

Remembrance Day

Draw and colour a poppy in an imaginative way. Write five facts about the Poppy.


Think about the Hindu festival of lights. What do you know about it? Write five interesting facts about Diwali.

  Research it!

What do you know about Remembrance Day? Present your findings in an imaginative way.

Tick once complete