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Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2! 

The Spring Term has already been packed full of adventure. We have spent five weeks learning about traditional tales and writing our own versions with alternative endings – have you ever met Little Red Monster? To help us to grow in confidence and independence we spent a magical night at school having a sleepover. We all enjoyed listening to a bedtime story and then waited for the mischievous elves to arrive and play naughty tricks on our shoes – just like they did in the story ‘The Elves and the Shoemakers.’


Over the next few weeks we will go back in time to visit London in 1666 to witness The Great Fire of London. We will be creating our own London town to find out what it was like in the seventeenth century. We will also be finding out about Samuel Pepys and will have to be detectives to discover how the fire started all those years ago.


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The Great Fire of London

On 29th March we were lucky enough to be visited by our local firefighters. 

Over the last few weeks we have been recreating the city of London as it was in 1666 and the firemen helped us to recreate the Great Fire of London on our playground.  We even had a chance to put the fire put using the hose and we were able to explore the fire engine.  How exciting!

Joe Wicks

On 29th March we participated in the international live workout with Joe Wicks, the body coach.  It was hard work but we all enjoyed the star jumps, squats and mountain climbers.

Our Wow Day and Sleepover

Author, John Kelly, visits Burleigh!