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Celebrating Diversity

At Burleigh Primary School we embrace diversity by ensuring all pupils develop an understanding and appreciation of cultures and beliefs different to their own.


Within our school we have two specialist teaching staff who enhance the learning and social/emotional needs of our EAL community.

We have recently hosted informal coffee afternoons to allow the parents of our EAL children to discuss their child's educational needs at Burleigh.


Feedback: Parents told us that they would like more home school information to be translated into their own language.

In response: We have now added an additional tab that allows parents to translate at the click of a button.

The table below shows how diverse our school community is.

English Polish
Turkish Vietnamese
French Romanian
Bulgarian Portuguese
Russian Latvian
Hungarian Albanian-Shquip
Chinese Lithuanian
Gujarati Akan/Twi-Fante
Thai Afrikaans
Tamil Igbo
Dari-Persian Swahili
Farsi-Persian Italian