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Year 4


Below, you will find your daily work, under the green pencil.


1) Please send all the work, for one day, in one email.

2) Work should be emailed back, no later than 11am the next day.


Mrs Dell is also doing story time, and you can find her videos under the blue pencil


Do let us know if you need any help or support with your home learning!


Miss Harvey and Miss Homewood  (4AH)   (4RH)


Marvelous Musical Instruments

1. Main tasks to be done each day

Three pieces of work will be added to this section every day (Monday to Friday).  Each piece should take your child 20 to 30 minutes. 

When completed, please save the work or take a picture of it and email to your child's teacher at the following addresses:

Miss Harvey:

Miss Homewood:


2. Extra daily activities

Every day children should read (this includes ebooks, magazines and newspapers) and practice their times tables. Links to useful sites are provided in this section.


3. Useful websites for additional work

Should you wish to complete any additional work, the sites provided hold a wealth of ideas and inspiration.