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19th March 2021


Is Easter really coming?


It’s hard to believe that having just come back to school, our thoughts are already turning to the Easter holiday. So that everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief and have a good break, there won’t be any home learning. Hopefully, the sun will shine and we’ll be able to get outside for a few decent walks. Thank you for taking our return to school guidelines so seriously; it is greatly appreciated. 3.26pm remains the best time we have managed for clearing the school grounds – which is mightily impressive. Thank you, too, for queuing so patiently on the ‘yellow feet’ outside your child’s classroom; this, too, helps tremendously with the start and end of the school day. Just to encourage everyone, I attended a virtual headteachers’ seminar this week. In it we were given the improving Covid picture for Hertfordshire. Apparently, in January, the number of positive cases for the county was 750 people per 100 000; but, at the moment, it has fallen to just 39 cases for every 100 000 – a reduction of 95%. Let’s hope that our ‘bubbles’ continue to remain open. Thank you for taking your children for tests whenever they display any Covid symptoms and for keeping their siblings at home until a negative test result comes through.


Class emails:

As we are now all back together as one school, our class email system is no longer in operation. If you have any queries or wish to speak to a member of staff, please contact the school office by phone on 01992 622159 or by email


Parent consultations:

These will take place for all children the week commencing 26th April 2021. They will be carried out remotely using a video system. More information will be given after the Easter break.


Optional summer uniform:

Thank you for ensuring your child has the correct uniform, especially as school shoes are not particularly easy to buy at the moment. From Tuesday 13th April, children may come to school wearing our summer uniform. Please see Burleigh’s section of the M&S website for clothing options by following the link:


End of term timings:

Due to only having just come back to school, our last day of term will not end early. Y1, Y3 and Y5 will finish as usual at 3.10pm and Reception, Y2, Y4 and Y6 will end the day at 3.20pm.


Infant carpark:

Please refrain from walking through the Infant carpark as we cannot guarantee that cars will not be driving in or out at any given time. Please do not bring dogs onto the premises.


Mobile phones:

Please ensure your child does not bring a mobile phone to school.



Thank you for your ongoing support



Working together for the good of the children