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21st January 2022


A Snapshot of Burleigh Life



One of the things that we miss (as a result of the pandemic) is having parents come into the school building to view their children’s work.  Around the school are many excellent displays which showcase the work that the children have done.  Some of our display boards celebrate pupils’ work just because it is good, other boards are instructional and remind children of what they have learnt or are currently learning.  Below are photos from Reception to Year 4 which give you a slice of Burleigh life.


Reception: ‘Traditional Tales’ and ‘Standing Out from the Crowd’



Year 1: ‘What do scientists do?’ and an English ‘Working Wall’  

Working Walls are used to display work that pupils are currently engaged in.  They don’t have to be neat and tidy, as the idea is that pupils’ work is splashed up there as soon as it is done.  This then provides the children with a visual reminder of what they have just learnt.  Visual learners love it!




Year 2: Geography - ‘Oceans and Continents’, ‘Oceans and Seas’




Year 3: Art – ‘Silhouettes’ and ‘Colour Mixing’




Year 4: ‘Parlez-vous francais?’ and Science

When teaching any subject, we make vocabulary a key feature (note the bottom left-hand corner below)





Working together for the good of the children