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19th July 2021



PE at Burleigh



Dear Parents,

Despite the many ups and downs of the year, one of the more successful aspects has been children coming to school in their PE kits on the day that they have PE.  Everyone seems to appreciate this routine which allows for longer PE sessions.

From September 6th onwards, children will continue to have two PE lessons per week.  The only slight change is that we would now like them to come to school in their PE kits for both lessons.  PE will be taught on the following days for each year group:

Year 1 – Wednesday and Friday

Year 2 – Monday and Thursday

Year 3 – Monday and Friday

Year 4 – Monday and Wednesday

Year 5 – Tuesday and Friday

Year 6 – Tuesday and Thursday


As children will be wearing their PE kits for an extra day, it is important that everyone has the correct kit.  When the weather is warm, children should wear a Burleigh yellow PE T-shirt (£5.50-£7.50), blue shorts (£3.50-£6.50) and dark trainers.  When the days become cooler, children should wear a Burleigh fleece (£11.25-£12.00) over their yellow T-shirt and plain dark blue jogging bottoms (£7.00-£10.00).  All can be found on the M&S school uniform website at:




Working together for the good of the children