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26th April 2024


Do Something Different Day – Friday 5th July


Dear Parents (especially those new to Burleigh),


As a school, we have something called ‘Do Something Different Day’ which takes place once a year.  Everyone loves this day as it gives parents and children the opportunity to spend time together, quite literally, doing something different.  This may be a trip to a museum, the seaside or the chance to participate in an activity you have never done before eg a new sport.  As families, we know that we should do these things at the weekend, but the reality is that so often, once the shopping, washing and cleaning have been done, along with a visit to relatives, there is no time left for anything else. 

This is where ‘Do Something Different Day’ comes in: an opportunity for families and friends to spend time together…just enjoying each other’s company whilst hopefully experiencing something new.  Last year, a group of parents got together and went to the seaside with their children.  The possibilities are endless.  One of my favourite activities is when parents take their children to work with them so they can see exactly what mum and dad do during the day.  Camping out in the garden or going to the theatre are other options.  More information will be given later about free events that can be done on this day, but just for now, please save the date in your diaries.

Due to work commitments, should you not be able to spend this day with your children, please don’t worry – school will be open as usual with some special activities on offer for your children to do.





TESCO Tokens – Look what’s been built!

Thank you once again for putting so much effort and energy into collecting  TESCO tokens for the school.  We put our £1500 to immediate effect by constructing another summer house in the school grounds.  The children have already been enjoying sitting and chatting in it – despite the cold weather!Thank you once again for putting so much effort and energy 



Future dates for your diary

Thursday 9 May – Year 6 Caythorpe PGL meeting for parents and children (6.00pm)


Monday 13 May – start of SATs week for Year 6


Thursday 6 June – Year 5 Cuffley Camp meeting for parents and children (3.30pm)


Monday 10 June – start of Y6 residential visit to Caythorpe (PGL)


Thursday 13 June – Reception trip to Hertfordshire Zoo


Thursday 20 June – start of Y5 residential to Cuffley Camp


Thursday 27 June – Year 6 theatre trip to Matilda


Tuesday 2 July – Sports Day: Years 5 and 6 a.m.  /  Years 3 and 4 pm


Wednesday 3 July – Sports Day: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 a.m.


Friday 5 July – Do Something Different Day


Thursday 11 July – Year 1 Lee Valley Farm trip


Thursday 11 July – Year 6 secondary transfer day


Thursday 11 July – Open Evening for all children and parents


Friday 12 July – Year 6 leavers’ party (6.30-8.30pm)


Tuesday 16 July – Year 6 leavers’ production (6.30pm)


Wednesday 17 July – Year 6 leavers’ production (6.30pm)


Thursday 18 July – Year 6 leavers’ assembly (9.15am)


Monday 22 July – Whole School Picnic for Burleigh parents and children (12.30pm)


Working together for the good of the children