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4th October 2019

Response to our Strengths and Weaknesses Evening

On Thursday 26th September, twenty-0ne parents and a few senior staff met to discuss the school’s strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone had an opinion; everyone was heard.  After much debate, the top three priorities for each category came out as:


  • Quality of teaching
  • Nurturing environment in Reception
  • ‘Meet and greet’ at the school gates

Areas for development:

  • More regular updates on children’s progress
  • Communication – lack of consistency, more notice of dates
  • Homework – too much, not set for different abilities

Senior staff found hearing these views very helpful, and discussed them in more detail at our weekly Senior Leadership Team meeting on Tuesday 1st October.  Whilst we are not able to implement all ideas immediately, several changes in response to what was discussed will take place.  These will include:

  • A different homework system based more on English and Maths.  This will allow parents to keep in touch with what has recently been taught in class, and better support their child.  We aim to start this new system from half term onwards.  Children in Years 1 to 3 will have either a piece of English or maths to complete each week.  Children in Years 4 and 5 will be given a piece of English and maths every week.  Year 6’s homework system – English, maths and science - will continue as before.
  • More regular updates on children’s progress.  Once a half term, parents will be given the opportunity to come into school and look at their child’s books from 3.20-3.40pm.  These meetings will be in addition to the termly parents’ consultations.  Our first ‘book look’ will take place in the week commencing 21st October: Monday - Reception + Y2; Tuesday - Y1, Y3 + Y5; Thursday - Y4 + Y6.  Parents are also very welcome to make appointments to see the class teacher via the school office.
  • More notice of important dates.  We are able to tell you now that in 2020, ‘Do something different day’ will be held on Friday 19th June and Sports Day will be on Friday 3rd July (Juniors a.m. and Infants pm).  This will give parents more time to prepare for these events and book a day off work in advance.  All notable dates are also on the school website.
  • More information about the rewards system in school.  Parents wanted clarity on awards such as the Rainbow and Planet certificates, along with the Headteacher’s weekly award:  ‘Hot Chocolate with the Head’.  Information about these has been added as a news item to the school website.

Once again, a huge ‘Thank you’ to all those who were able to attend the evening and share their views on school life.

Harvest Assemblies

  It was great to see so many parents and friends at our Harvest assemblies.  As we say to the children, it’s good to stop and say ‘thank you’ for what we have.  It never ceases to amaze me how confident our children are at performing in front of such a large crowd of people.  Your kind donations will be sent to the Broxbourne Food bank and will go a long way to supporting people in need.  Thank you!



Please ensure your child has the correct footwear for school.

Bits 'n' Bobs

Play equipment before and after school

Thank you for keeping your children off the play equipment.


Please do not walk through, or park in, the school carparks.


All children are expected to be wearing winter uniform after half term.



 Working together for the good of the children