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16th October 2020


A visit from our HIP

Dear Parents,

If I say good things about Burleigh School, at least someone somewhere will say, ‘Well, he has to, doesn’t he?  - he’s the Head!’  And, of course, I am the Head, and I am genuinely proud of everyone and everything to do with Burleigh School: the children, the staff, the parents and governors.  As you can imagine then, it’s especially nice when someone from outside the school says something positive about the place…which is exactly what happened yesterday.  Every term, each school in Hertfordshire receives at least one visit from a county adviser, usually someone who has been a successful headteacher themselves.  Such people are called ‘Hertfordshire Improvement Partners’ – HIPs.  Yesterday was our turn for a visit.  Our HIP toured the school and looked at a sample of maths and English books from each class.  She was delighted with what she saw and commented that the children were all fully engaged in their learning and were settled and well behaved.  The lessons were carefully prepared and of high quality.  What headteacher wouldn’t be proud hearing such things?  A massive ‘Well done!’ and ‘Thank you!’ to everyone concerned with yesterday’s visit.  What is especially pleasing is that the quality of work from staff and pupils wasn’t a one-off, but can be seen on a daily basis, day in, day out.


A Parent’s Guide to ‘TikTok’: age restriction 12+

Though many of the videos on TikTok are light-hearted and good fun, sadly, more and more of them are now being reported for featuring drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm and young teens engaging in sexually suggestive content.  More recently, suicide-themed related videos have been widely circulated.  As parents who care about their children, I know you will want to monitor your child’s internet usage very carefully.  Please take time to read the TikTok attachment on the E-Safety page and consider what your response to this app will be.  TikTok will remove inappropriate content when it is reported, but overall, it is not a monitored site.  Therefore, anything that is trending is visible to everyone with an account.  For a child to report something inappropriate, they would have had to have seen it first.

There are helpful parent guides to the most popular children’s apps on the e-safety page on our school website:


Dropping children off in the morning

Everyone is in agreement that Blindman’s Lane between 8.30 and 9.00am is a nightmare.  On Wednesday, a concerned parent reported that some cars were stopping in the middle of the road to let children out for school.  Please be mindful of everyone’s safety when arriving at Burleigh. 


School Dinners

Burleigh’s school kitchen had an environmental health inspection last Monday and was awarded the maximum grade of five out of five stars!  Well done to Kat and her team.


Covid-19 Restrictions

As our surrounding neighbours, Essex and Enfield, have more and more Covid-related restrictions placed on them, let’s be aware that we still need to take the pandemic seriously and do all we can to stop the virus from coming to Burleigh.  Several local schools have already had to send up to three year groups at a time home to self-isolate for 14 days.  Therefore, as a school, our expectations and procedures around trying to keep everyone safe are very reasonable and appropriate.  In light of this, please continue to make every effort to:

  • Only come onto the school site with your children if they cannot manage to do so on their own.  (I have been very appreciative of the fact that so many parents of children in Years 5 and 6 have remained outside the school gate by the hedge.)
  • Wear a mask on the premises.  (Again, many parents have chosen to consider other people’s needs.  The greater number of people who wear masks, the less likely we are to give each other our germs.  This is especially the case with Covid-19 as it is transmitted via airborne droplets.) NB If anyone has a health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, the school understands and does not expect you to do so. 
  • Arrive promptly for your drop-off and pick-up and leave the site as soon as these have taken place.  
  • If you do arrive a little early, please stand in a space and keep your children with you.

Cross-country at Burleigh

Although we can’t compete directly, we are taking part in a virtual cross-country competition.  I take my hat off to so many of you who have stood patiently in the rain this week to watch your children run around the school field.  Let’s hope it’s dry for the other classes next week.  If we listen carefully, we may just be able to hear Mr Hau encouraging the children with their running.  Hark, I think I can hear him now!



Working together for the good of the children