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Online Safety

It is important to us that our whole school community is a safe and responsible user of Information Technology. To help you understand more about keeping your children safe at home we have inserted some links that you may find useful.

Children at Burleigh use the Internet on a regular basis as part of their learning. Technology enhances learning and we want to ensure pupils get the most from it, by encouraging responsible online behaviour.

In school, we use a filtering system to prevent children accessing inappropriate sites. We also have regular E-Safety lessons to remind children of the importance of keeping themselves safe online.

At home, sometimes children can be given unsupervised access to the Internet via mobile devices such as mobile phones, I-pads, I-pods, and other tablet devices. This, potentially, allows them to access all kinds of society (both good and bad) and bring them virtually into their homes.


Online Safety Newsletters

Online Safety in School

At Burleigh we are part of the 'Herts for Learning' filter and monitoring system, which keeps our children safe when the curriculum requires them to be online.  HFL settings are regularly monitored and any concerns raised are logged by SLT.


Throughout the curriculum the children will be using the following sites, within the classroom setting, to support their learning.


*     Google Drive - and all apps within

*     Various search engines, including Google

*     Scratch Online


Children will never interact with anyone outside the school setting. Emails, podcasting and blogging are all contained within the school's monitoring system.