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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to Year 6, and what will be a very exciting Autumn term ahead! This term we will be looking at the features of newspaper articles in English, the circulatory system in science and World War II in history.  We have a few events planned to help the children understand, in greater detail, what they have learned, including Evacuees Day in December - when the children will experience what life was like for an evacuee during World War II.


In November all children will take part in Crucial Crew - Crucial Crew is dedicated to helping Year 6 children keep themselves safe.  It encourages model behaviour and good citizenship through active involvement in a range of life scenarios, covering topics such as first aid, rail safety, stranger danger, and many more.


Every Friday the children will do 'Torture Squares' - a times tables test across tables 2x - 12x.  If you can, please help your child learn his/her times tables by asking random times table questions at home, in the car or walking to school - it all helps!


Year six is full of exciting changes for the children, which can feel overwhelming at times. We want the children to enjoy their last year at Burleigh, so please feel free to come and speak to us if you have any concerns about your child, the work, or any other issues.


Miss Austin, Mrs Collins & Miss Wilson

and the Year 6 team



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