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MAGIC Children

This page showcases the amazing projects children create at home.

Automatic Clothes Folder

Our ingenious year 6 inventor has been busy creating a brilliant labour saving device for his mum, for her automatic clothes folder!  Click the link below to see his amazing creation in action!

Automatic Clothes Folder.mp4

Still image for this video

Sensor Activated Kitchen Bin

At home, just for fun, one of our amazing pupils in year 6 created a kitchen bin with a sensor activated lid.  He soldered the wiring and sensors to an Arduino Nano (Micro-controller) and after writing the code, he then uploaded it to his device in order to complete his design.  See the video below to watch his creation in action.  The adults in year 6 were absolutely blown away by the hard work, dedication, application and sheer inventiveness of this project!  The professional finish is such that it would not look out of place for sale in a store!