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Rock Steady Concert!

Wow, what an afternoon!  The children who take music classes with Rock Steady, put on a fantastic concert for their parents, showcasing everything they have been working on in their lessons!

This term the Year 1 & 2 children worked on their musical techniques, pushing and working hard to play difficult parts, such as moving between two rhythms, tricky vocals and chord changes as well as learning more notes on their instruments.  The Year 3 & 4 children honed their mic techniques, learned how to move between notes on a faster turnover, and worked on perfecting their instrument skills.  The Year 5 & 6 children  learned how to work independently within their band, counting in their heads to keep in time with everyone else, and learned to play a whole song, unaided, and with increasing complexity.  A huge thank you to their amazing band leader Emily and massive congratulations to all the children who took part - you played with enthusiasm and confidence - it was a fabulous concert, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who watched!

Videos of all three bands can be found on our Music page.